What is Zumba Fitness?

Currently there are a great variety of sports and fitness disciplines that allow people to lose weight, have better physical conditions and be healthy. Among the different fitness disciplines we have Zumba, which as its name indicates vibrate, referring to the different ways to move the body for the purpose of burning calories.


This fitness discipline so used worldwide both in homes and in gyms for the purpose of losing weight and burning calories was created during the 1990 year by the Colombian Alberto Perez. The Colombian wanted to develop some physical activity that allow people to lose weight, be healthier, shape the body and look better.

In terms of fitness, the Colombian was based on the search for a type of anaerobic exercise, which is because is integrate several rhythms of Latin American dances that are a very fun exercise that allows people to lose between 50 and 300 calories per session.

In terms of how long a Zumba session can during a period of 60 minutes may last for each class, session in which the different Latin American rhythms mentioned above are used. So Zumba instructors are responsible for the elaboration of Zumba classes by choosing the appropriate rhythms by adding the appropriate steps to make the session as entertaining as possible and get people to burn calories.

Benefits of Zuma Fitness

Like all fitness or sport disciplines it is very beneficial for people who practice it since it allows improve physical conditions, be much healthier, improve physical conditions, strengthen muscles and look better, it is very beneficial, it can strengthen abdomen, it benefits for women as they allow them to tone the glutes

Regarding this exercise according to experts is advisable to practice it at least 2 times per week and is very effective since with only 3 weeks can begin to observe effects and it combines with others types of exercises during the week.

But the benefits are not only in the physical, it also has psychological benefits since as people who practice Zumba manage to lose weight and look better also increase self-esteem. Practicing Zumba manages to favor people in that they help release substances and hormones that promote psychological well-being and can be exchanged with another type of exercise.

As for the practice of this fitness discipline can be performed individually, as a couple or as a group. It helps people to relax and favors socialization among people who practice

Provides different levels of intensity as the beginner level, half and advanced; it is not necessarily to put it into practice people should go to a gym, since they can buy DVD and the person perform the routine.

Why do many people use Zumba Fitness?

The main reason due to many people worldwide have implemented Zumba is the fact that this works, observing that people who practice it manage to lose weight in a short time, get look much better. Similarly the people who put it into practice see an improvement in their overall health; This type of discipline as used as it has been named above has a very positive effect for the people who make Zumba frequently as they can improve their self-esteem.

Other reasons why this type of discipline has become so popular is the fact that it is very funny because it integrates different types of dances such as Latin rhythms. It does not require the use of a special equipment so it is enough to have an adequate space and being able to practice in the place of the person’s preference so many people for comfort and flexibility in their schedules have chosen to implement the Zumba.

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