The theory about Artificial Sweeteners and reality

Many people want to lose weight for look better, but that implies a change in the lifestyle of the people so many products have been generated in order to prevent the person from gaining weight or for the purpose of losing weight in a way healthy. But it is important to know that not all the products that have been created are healthy, for which it is important that people are properly informed about the product they wish to buy. Among the different products on the market are the so called Artificial Sweeteners that were made with the purpose of supplanting normal sugar since the high consumption of sugar brings health complications in people.

But with regard to the artificial Sweeteners is thought this product allows people to consume foods and sweet drinks without the number of calories they provide the normal sugar. They enjoy those sweet foods without gaining weight and greeting problems like diabetes.

The theory behind artificial sweeteners is simple: if you use them instead of sugar, you get the joy of drinks and foods that taste sweets without the reduction of extra calories, potential weight gain and related health problems.

According to many researches, sweeteners do not provide nutritional benefits to organisms. With regard to research and experts in the field say that sweeteners like sucralose and aspartate do not provide benefits for weight loss and in the future people are likely to suffer from health problems.

It is important to know that many people are consuming artificial sweeteners both knowingly and unknowingly since there are many products that contain this product. According to what has been raised by connoisseurs there are not interests in the person consuming these products lose weight, there is not indication that these products help to weight loss and there is a potential risk of weight gain and disease onset.

Artificial Sweeteners

Studies conducted and opinions that consume sweeteners

Most laboratory studies have been done in the short term, however as observational studies have been conducted it has been determined that people who consume more sweeteners have an increase in body mass index and a higher percentage of developing diabetes that people who do not consume it, that is to say a 14% more. With regard to the probability of contracting cardiovascular diseases, people who consume more of sweeteners have a 32% greater possibility of contracting cardiovascular diseases.

However, there are those who state that there is no relationship between the occurrence of diseases and the consumption of sweetener, so it is necessary to conduct a much more complete study of people than to determine the factors that caused the emergence of diseases.

There are connoisseurs of the matter who state that sweeteners can help you lose weight but as long as they are consumed properly. It is also necessary to know that there are hypotheses that sweeteners do not help weight loss and rather favor the fact that people consume foods and sweet drinks.

There are also those who say that many people are looking for artificial sweeteners as a substitute for sugar to lose weight, but that there is not direct relationship with weight loss and it is recommended that people want to lose weight in a healthy way is recommended to decrease the consumption of sweet food.


Currently many people want to lose weight and lead a much healthier life, so they have sought alternatives to sugar as is the case of sweeteners, however there are studies that show that there is not relationship between weight loss and Consumption of sweeteners and that their consumption can lead to increase the risk of diseases. It is also necessary to know that there are opinions that state that the use of sweetener can help to lose weight but that they should be consumed properly.

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