People who don’t eat breakfast have a tendency to be more obese

No breakfast is a habit that can end up damaging your health in different ways. Throughout the mornings the body needs energy to start walking and lack of food becomes an inconvenience.

cupo no breakfast

The relevance of having a full breakfast every day has been debated over the years, dividing the specialists between those who consider it to be the most essential food of the day and those who prefer not to give it so much stardom in order to avoid unnecessary or unhealthy food being strained. Now, a group of specialists suggest that skipping the first morning meal may be related to poorer cardiovascular health.

New discoveries reveal that, compared to those who eat a breakfast high in carbohydrates, those who skipped that first meal had a greater extension of the early stages of atherosclerosis, an accumulation of fatty material in the arteries. This is because people who skip breakfast not only eat late and strangely, but also have a less healthy lifestyle.

Skipping breakfast interrupts the body’s internal clock, which means that individuals end up eating more calories and in infrequent moments. For this reason, skipping breakfast alone is not the problem; the downside is what you eat afterwards and the habits of the people who eat it.

People who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to be obese and have high blood pressure and, in addition, were more likely to consume alcohol, smoke, and eat high levels of red meat, making breakfast a marker for heart disease such as atherosclerotic disease.

Now you know, a good breakfast is the ideal way to start the day with energy, your body will thank you.

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