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Hi there all, this write-up is dedicated to Kathy de Stafford and her exceptional assortment with Fields. Kathy De Stafford is a top Irish bridal designer with about 28 yrs practical experience and she is renowned for her beautiful patterns.

I attended the start of this wonderful collaboration a number of months ago and I was blown absent by the assortment. It is so wonderful, featuring pendants, earrings and of program diamond engagement rings and marriage ceremony bands. There is a collection to match all tastes no matter if you are drawn to classic, classic or statement element.

“For a couture designer, jewelry is an intrinsic element of that window into the bride’s interior self. I was generally fascinated by the myriad of ring designs picked by my brides, and I preferred to come to be involved in the generation of this special ring that would be worn every single day of a bride’s existence.”

“When Fields approached me, I realised that I had found the openness and complementary style and design creativity that I experienced been fascinated in. I adore the point that, like me, Fields are an Irish business that have been seeking following Irish brides for virtually fourty many years. Importantly, as I worked with them I found that we feel, develop and get the job done very well as a unit. That is not just resourceful, it is also entertaining which is a important section of creativity.”

Quotation sourced from Fields internet site by Kathy on the assortment.
The stunning selection

With a groundbreaking collaboration like this, you may possibly think that it all just comes about. It takes a workforce of experts and time for results like this to happen. I was quite fortunate to have a chat with some of the staff about the journey of the collaboration at the start. Also finding to fulfill Kathy was extremely unique, she is is a quite inspiring Women.

Each and every detail was assumed of from the dresses, rings, proper down to the packaging. The layout and presentation of the Jewellery box will make for a best memento as portion of your wedding tale and the internal box is best for the proposal section, as can be effortlessly concealed absent.

The Depth (graphic from Fields)
A person of the gorgeous pendants from the collection that includes the Swan element.

Speaking of depth, a topaz blue stone adorns the shank of each ring reflecting Kathy’s signature brand colour. You can also order the stone in rose gold and yellow. This exclusive detail is a secret involving you and your enjoy. Swans also element in the selection, they are present in the pendants and earrings, a symbol of eternal really like. It’s all exceptionally passionate.

Of course, I had to test on
The Selection:

The assortment characteristics a assertion, signature and classic ingredient.
Each and every assortment options its have crucial pieces from rings, earrings and pendants. Below is a taster of every single selection, see far more of the collections listed here

The Classic Assortment:

The Statement Collection:

The Signature Assortment:

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There you have it the fantastic match Kathy de Stafford & Fields.
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