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Hi all, this write-up is focused to Kathy de Stafford and her unique collection with Fields. Kathy De Stafford is a main Irish bridal designer with more than 28 decades working experience and she is renowned for her beautiful designs.

I attended the launch of this amazing collaboration a handful of weeks back and I was blown away by the collection. It is so stunning, that includes pendants, earrings and of system diamond engagement rings and marriage ceremony bands. There is a assortment to go well with all preferences regardless of whether you are drawn to vintage, classic or statement element.

“For a couture designer, jewellery is an intrinsic section of that window into the bride’s interior self. I was always fascinated by the myriad of ring designs picked out by my brides, and I wanted to grow to be associated in the generation of this exclusive ring that would be worn each individual day of a bride’s existence.”

“When Fields approached me, I realised that I had discovered the openness and complementary design creativeness that I had been interested in. I adore the actuality that, like me, Fields are an Irish corporation that have been wanting right after Irish brides for virtually fourty many years. Importantly, as I labored with them I identified that we consider, make and operate properly as a device. That is not just innovative, it is also exciting which is a critical element of creativeness.”

Quotation sourced from Fields web site by Kathy on the assortment.
The beautiful selection

With a groundbreaking collaboration like this, you could possibly believe that it all just occurs. It takes a group of gurus and time for success like this to happen. I was really lucky to have a chat with some of the staff about the journey of the collaboration at the start. Also getting to meet Kathy was really distinctive, she is is a incredibly inspiring Women of all ages.

Each and every detail was imagined of from the dresses, rings, ideal down to the packaging. The layout and presentation of the Jewellery box will make for a excellent memento as aspect of your wedding tale and the internal box is fantastic for the proposal aspect, as can be conveniently concealed away.

The Depth (graphic from Fields)
1 of the gorgeous pendants from the collection showcasing the Swan element.

Speaking of detail, a topaz blue stone adorns the shank of every ring reflecting Kathy’s signature brand color. You can also order the stone in rose gold and yellow. This particular detail is a mystery amongst you and your love. Swans also function in the selection, they are current in the pendants and earrings, a image of eternal really like. It is all extremely intimate.

Of course, I experienced to attempt on
The Collection:

The assortment features a statement, signature and vintage element.
Each and every collection attributes its possess crucial pieces from rings, earrings and pendants. Under is a taster of each and every selection, look at more of the collections right here

The Classic Assortment:

The Statement Collection:

The Signature Collection:

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There you have it the fantastic match Kathy de Stafford & Fields.
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