How to choose your waist training

The waist trainer is very fashionable nowadays as it was from the 16th to the 19th century. It was only worn by women for aesthetic reasons, specifically to highlight waist’s sensual and erotical character.  Nowadays, with some celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose, this has so much evolved, that it rallies both fashion, fitness and slimming workouts.

The waist trainer: What is it?

The waist trainer is a latex-made wide belt, with either staples or laces. It is a steel boned corset extended from the hips to mid-bust and modifies your waist into an hourglass shape with semi-permanent results.

How to choose your waist trainer

Like sheaths, the waist trainer is used to conceal small defects and to highlight certain shapes such as the chest and the waist. As it has some adjustments features, it will give your body the curve and the shape you desire. Depending on the model, some people wear the waist trainer without anything upon it while others wear it under their clothes to fit the shapes.

Otherwise, it could also be used as postpartum belt since after a childbirth, women have back pain and wish to be maintained, or they simply want to hide their neglected curves.

Further more, waist training corset could accompany weight loss, as the corset also acts as an external LAP band, not allowing you to eat large quantities while wearing the corset, it works then as waist cincher.

How to choose your waist trainer?

Thats it. Have you decided to have yourself a waist trainer corset? Here are some basic criterias you have to consider to make sure you have the best waist trainer.

The style of waist trainer

As they do not have the same style and purpose, you must consider what you aim at by adopting a waist trainer corset. There are corsets whose only purpose is to be worn under a garment and are quite classical. Besides, there are the sexy ones, with lace, and garter belt which are made up with very chic and elegant materials.


The material

A good waist trainer must provide you comfort, flexibility, self-regulation of body temperature. The best waist trainer are made with cotton, polyester, polyamide, lycra and elastham since those materials provide softness, elasticity and easy maintenance.

The shape of the neckline

For women with small breasts, we advise you a straight neckline and for those with a generous chest a plunging neckline.

The closure

There are two types of waist trainer corset. Therefore, it is essentially a matter of practicality to choose between the pressed and the laced one. As the closure is located either in front or behind, you could consider this fact in choosing your corset pattern, regarding weither you are alone at home or not.

The size

It is quite complicated to choose a size without trying a corset. When you first purchase a waist trainer corset, it is advisable to try it. A 36 corresponds to an XS, a 38 to an S, and so on. If you buy it on an Amazon site, it would be preferable for you to rely on user reviews. They are good advice to indicate the sizes depending on the model.

Last but not the least is the price issue: it can range from ten euros to more than 100 euros. But your wallet will have the last word.

However, we prefer to warn you against a lot of sites that sell cheap products, without a real latex, without any guarantees. In fact most of those waist training corsets have absolutely none of the requirements above.

As all good items have a price, you must be very demanding in terms of quality, while choosing your waist trainer corset. The goal is that you can keep and enjoy your product as long as possible making waist training  experience is entertaining and charming.


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