When carbohydrates become a drug

The sugar calms the anxiety, soothes the anguish, produces, albeit momentarily, an intense feeling of pleasure and makes us “eat” our anger and throw them in, turning them into fat.

At this point, carbohydrates are a real necessity for our body, a drug without which life would not have color. And, like any drug, it has harmful effects on us. Overweight, hypertension, increased anxiety and anguish, digestive disorders and other harms associated with overweight coupled with an unbalanced diet keep us locked in the deadly sugar trap. And yet, we keep asking for it almost with a living tear, like when we were kids. At this point we are already realizing that, from childhood, we were feeding the fatsoul and now it will be as difficult to get back on track as it will be to take the candy from a boy.

carbohydrates become drugs

However, it is not impossible. What’s more, this article tries precisely to reeducate the fat soul that we all carry with us and control it to the point that it is harmless and allows us to achieve what we couldn’t before: maintain a consistent diet and lose weight to never recover it. The surprise will be that, along with weight reduction, we will again have energy, health and amazing vitality. Not only will we have managed to lose weight, but we will also realize that we have entered into a new lifestyle that will allow us to never gain weight again and, moreover, will make us feel in optimal physical and mental conditions.

The glucose journey

The carbohydrates we ingest travel to the liver to become glucose, but the liver needs two hormones that secrete the pancreas to do its job. One is insulin and the other is glucagon. When we start chewing food, our whole body is alert. The brain sends messages to a small gland called the pituitary gland in the brain and alerts you that food is coming in. The pituitary is quick to inform the liver and pancreas, and so begins the process of decomposition of hydrates in the liver, to convert them into glucose, the food of the body.

Glucagon helps break down carbohydrates or sugars, and insulin carries glucose through the bloodstream throughout the body to become energy. If this process is normal, every time we eat we get full of energy, feel good and want to do things. When the blood glucose (sugar) level decreases, we feel more tired, dispersed and lacking in energy.

It’s certainly the time when we are hungry and we’re back to incorporating food so that blood glucose doesn’t drop to dangerous levels that would make us feel bad. Normally, as in animals, this mechanism should work oilily. But the fat soul plays us bad pasts, which directly influence this perfect mechanism, until it becomes a real chaos that leads us to obesity, depression and anguish.

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